27 January 2006


Pop Culture Cantina Herald

Welcome to the
Pop Culture Cantina!
¡Sí Señor! This is the place to come and feed your Pop culture obsession! Retro music, movies, literature, art, food, and trends old and new are on tap. Listen to the lively Mariachi music! Take in the South-of-the-Border atmosphere! Sample the fiery comestibles! And have yourself a Cactus Daquiri on the house. See celebrity guests depicted in wide-screen Vixen Vision and glorious Cantinacolor! This here waterin' hole is mad hot groovy, it's off-the-hook, it's the armadillo's pillow and the llama's pyjamas! It's the place to grace in Cyberspace.

The Cantina was founded in January 2006 by Laura "Pineapple Princess" Pinto, who has since moved on and now devotes her attention to various other online establishments (like her ever-popular Oldies Connection). She left the business in the capable paws of DC Hampton Jacobs, AKA "Stuffed Animal", who now serves as sole proprietor, host, cook, bartender, bouncer and dishwasher. Yes, his whiskers are real! Don't yank on 'em, sweetheart, or he's liable to drop a live tequila worm down your cleavage!

So fall up inside our swingin' doors and rest your tired nalgas, pilgrim. We'll treat you right! What's that you say? Yes, that's our beloved founder, Laura Pinto, pictured below . . . but no, that's not Stuffed Animal standing next to her. The Pineapple Princess is snugglin' up to Jeff Barry, one of the most talented and successful songwriters and record producers in the world! That's right, pilgrim, we've got friends in high places! Eat your heart out, Garth Brooks!

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