Archie's Imaginary Vinyl Box Set
A Mix Mistress Hepzibah Compilation
Produced by Hepzibah Baumgartner
Additional Production and Remix by Lana Suzuki
Re-Mastered by Sonny Yin-Bao 
@ Witch Queen West, Salt Lake City
Liner Notes and Annotation by
Archie Andrews
Art Direction + Design: 
Stuffed Animal
Released 24 June 2075

Fans of The Archies have craved a box set for decades, and in July 2016 they'll finally get one!  It will compile their original Kirshner albums.  However, we'll probably never see the kind of hits-and-rarities box available from acts like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Bruce Springsteen or even The Monkees.  There's just a decided lack of interest from reissues producers.  Unfortunately, the "novelty" label (how Archies music is usually categorized) doesn't carry much weight in collector's circles; but licensing barriers and music industry indifference are no match for the vivid imagination of DC Hampton Jacobs!  Here he dreams up the kind of multi-disc vinyl box set that makes record collectors salivate.  RETRO! overflows with selections taken from both the actual music catalog of The Archies and the virtual one he created for his 2014 Cartoons + Castanets graphic novel.  DC's alter ego, the fiendish Stuffed Animal, has imagined excerpts from the box set book enclosure.  He designed fourteen pseudo-Technicolor 'toons especially for this imaginary release. Can you HEAR the color?  Can you TASTE the narrative?  SEE the mad groovy music in your mind's eye!


We were just five ordinary high school kids from suburban USA:  Reggie Mantle, Veronica Lodge, Jerome ("Jughead") Jones, Betty Cooper and me, Archie Andrews.  Juggy was the only one who'd taken band class, but all of us except Betty were proficient on musical instruments.  Reggie had the most skill: He could play bass, guitar and several other things.  So could Jug, but drums were his specialty: Dude was a b*tch on the skins!  Roni sang and played keyboards, and I could get along OK on guitar.  Betty didn't play anything at that point . . . we didn't even know she could sing . . . but Reggie gave her a tambourine, and she had a great sense of rhythm.  So we decided to form a garage band, just like a lot of other teenagers.  The difference with The Archies was my late wife's rich father, Hiram Lodge, who had connections in the music business.  It seems like one day we were hangin' out at the Riverdale Galleria, and the next day we were in Hollywood, being groomed for stardom by Don-f*cking-Kirshner!  We never really paid our dues like most groups starting out; I've always felt a little bit guilty about that.

Vox BXLP-7512-8
Side One
Extended Version:
You Make Me Wanna Dance (Jeff Barry) - Archie, vocals*
Catchin' Up On Fun (Adams, Barkan) - Archie, vocals*
Bang-Shang-A-Lang (Jeff Barry) - Archie, vocals*
Truck Driver (Jeff Barry) - Archie, vocals*
Don't Touch My Guitar! (Jeff Barry) - Archie, vocals*
Love Light (Jeff Barry) - Archie, vocals*
Feelin' So Good (SKOOBY-DOO) (Barry, Kim) 
- Archie, vocals**
Sugar, Sugar (Barry, Kim) - Archie, vocals**

Side Two
Extended Version:
Get On The Line (Jeff Barry) - Archie, vocals**
Jingle Jangle (Barry, Kim) - Reggie, vocals**
Sugar And Spice (Allan, Dante) - Archie, vocals**
Everything's Alright (Ron Dante) - Archie, vocals**
Remix: Who's Your Baby? (Barry, Kim)
- Archie + Veronica, duet vocals***
Remix: Mister Factory (Cal Cagno, Goldberg) 
- Archie, vocals****
Remix: Comes The Sun (Cal Cagno, Goldberg) 
- Archie, vocals****
*from the Filmation TV series "Archie"
**from the Filmation TV series "The Archie Comedy Hour"
***from the Filmation TV special "Archie's Sugar, Sugar Jingle Jangle Show"
****from the Filmation TV series "Archie's Funhouse"

These were our first studio recordings, released on Calendar (later renamed Kirshner) Records.  People often forget that in addition to our first #1 single, "Sugar, Sugar", the teenage Archies also scored big with "Bang-Shang-A-Lang", "Jingle Jangle" and "Who's Your Baby?". Veronica and I were the lead singers at that time, except for Reggie doing the falsetto lead on "Jingle Jangle". I have mixed feelings about the Kirshner years: We liked most of the original songs written for us, but we had no choice about cutting them!  Don Kirshner never gave us any creative control.  He let us play instruments on our records, but we weren't allowed to sing back-up on them for a long time.  Our vocal arranger, Ron Dante, would sing the backgrounds with other studio pros like Toni Wine. Ron went to bat for us, and on "Who's Your Baby?" we finally sang our own backing tracks.  Kirshner wasn't happy, though, and our relationship with him started to deteriorate.  By 1991, we were practically at war with him!  It was a relief to get out of that contract.  I promised myself that, if The Archies ever recorded again, we'd do it on our own label.

Side One
Extended Version:
Sunshine (Barry, Bloom) - Archie, vocals*
Over And Over (Barry, Dante) - Archie, vocals
Remix: A Summer Prayer For Peace (Jeff Barry)
- Archie + Jeff Barry, duet vocals
This Is Love (Adams, Levine) - Archie, vocals
Plumb Crazy (Ron Dante) - Archie, vocals
Here Comes My Baby (Cat Stevens) - Archie, vocals
My Pledge Of Love (Joe Stafford, Jr) - Archie, vocals

Side Two
Remix: One Fine Day (Goffin, King) - Reggie, vocals
Remix: So Much Love (Goffin, King) - Jughead, vocals
Remix: You're A Sweet Sweetheart (Goffin, King) 
- Archie, vocals
Remix: Hi-De-Ho (Goffin, King) - Betty, vocals
Pretty Anna Belle (Levine, Thomas) - Jughead, vocals
Big City Miss Ruth Ann (Tom Lazaros) 
- Jughead, vocals
Rosalie (Linda Hargrove) - Archie, vocals
If Not For You (Bob Dylan) - Veronica, vocals
*from the Filmation TV series "Archie's Funhouse"

It finally happened in the year 2000: I launched my own indie label!  Veronica and sound engineer Alan Mayberry were my business partners, and naturally, The Archies was the first act I signed up.  These recordings show us in transition: From teenage Bubblegum Popsters to an adult roots Rock band. I asked the great Carole King to produce an album for us; it was going to be a tribute to her.  Carole agreed, but changed her mind for reasons I still don't understand.  She wasn't in the picture for very long, but after working with her, The Archies would never be the same!  She revamped our vocal sound by having all five members sing lead. As if that wasn't radical enough, the amazing Ralfi Chingas took over as our producer and really shook things up. Who knew we'd ever cut a Country album?

Side One
Lonely Weekends (Charlie Rich) - Reggie, vocals
Everybody (Tommy Roe) - Jughead, vocals
When I Stop Leavin, I'll Be Gone (Kent Robbins) 
- Jughead, vocals
Just Someone I Used To Know (Jack Clement)
- Veronica + Reggie, duet vocals
Tumbling Dice (Jagger, Richards)
- Veronica + Betty, duet vocals
Jumpin' Jack Flash (Jagger, Richards)
- Veronica + Betty, duet vocals
EP Version: 
The Last Time (Jagger, Richards) 
- Archie + Reggie, vocals
Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown (Jagger, Richards) 
- Archie, vocals

Side Two
Shattered! (Jagger, Richards) - Reggie, vocals
Emotional Rescue (Jagger, Richards) - Reggie, vocals
Happy (Jagger, Richards) - Betty, vocals
Under My Thumb (Jagger, Richards) - Veronica, vocals
Hip Shaker (Barry, Greenwich, Spector) - Veronica, vocals
Pop Art Medley:
Hold On, Baby (Barry, Greenwich) - Archie, vocals/
Hold On, Baby (Barry, Greenwich, Spector) - Betty, vocals
River-Deep, Mountain-High (Barry, Greenwich, Spector) 
- The Archies, chorus
What's A Boy Supposed To Do? (Barry, Greenwich) 
- Reggie, vocals

For two years straight, The Archies were hotter than hot: We cut hit after f*cking hit! Platinum-selling albums of Country tunes, Rolling Stones hits (Mick Jagger was a blast to work with!) and classic Rock 'n' Roll standards by Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry (at whose Santa Barbara studio we were recording on a regular basis). Juggy and Reggie really came into their own as lead vocalists during this period; Ralfi Chingas never failed to bring out the best they had to offer.

Side One
He Ain't No Angel (Barry, Greenwich) - Betty, vocals
Nobody But You (Barry, Greenwich) - Reggie, vocals
Train From Kansas City (Barry, Greenwich, Hawkins) 
- Veronica, vocals
Don't Ever Leave Me! (Barry, Greenwich) - Betty, vocals
I'll Still Love You (Barry, Greenwich) - Archie, vocals
EP Version:
That's All I Ever Want From You, Baby (Barry, Greenwich)
- Jughead, vocals
EP Version:
Sunshine Live @ Congo Square (Barry, Bloom)
- Archie, Jughead + Reggie, trio vocals

Side Two
Let's Get It On Today! (Adams, Dante) - Archie, vocals
Hey, Boy (The Girl's In Love With You)! (Allan, Dante)
- Archie + Reggie, duet vocals
Yellow Van (Allan, Dante) - Archie + Reggie, duet vocals
Midnight Show (Allan, Dante) - Reggie, vocals
Alternate Take:
Don't Call It Love! (Allan, Dante) - Jughead, vocals
Soul Deep Ska (Wayne Carson Thompson)
- Archie, vocals
Hill Underground (Lewis-Warrick, Smith) 
- Betty, vocals
LP Version: 
Lady Jane (James, King) - Archie, vocals

By late 2004, The Archies were in transition again. Our first live-in-concert album was followed by a psychedelic tribute to Ron Dante, Get It On Today! Unfortunately, neither release did as well as we hoped. What's more, the 2006 Get It On sessions were sheer Hell: We had some serious internal problems and damn near broke up! But we got our sh*t together, regrouped and rebounded.  "Soul Deep Ska", which I sang lead on, scored a big hit; and "Lady Jane" with Juggy on lead was a monster!  We followed up that one-two punch with Éxitos en Español, a Spanish-language collection that would eventually be our biggest selling LP ever.  Reggie and I locked horns during this time, and I suspended his ass from the group!  Trevor Smith came in as a replacement member in early 2008.  Nobody was happy with my rash decision (not even me), so Reg returned the following year; but Trev was such an asset to the band that we asked him to join the lineup permanently. Dude is still the best damn bass player I ever heard!

Side One
Sugar, Sugar en Español (Barry, Kim, Milstein)
- Archie + Veronica, duet vocals
Alternate Take: 
La Música Rock/Rock 'n' Roll Music
Alternate Take: 
Ven Bailar Conmigo/You Make Me Wanna Dance 
Alternate Take: 
Chicos y Chicas/Boys And Girls 
Alternate Take: 
Juventud No Es Joven/Seventeen Ain't Young
Alternate Take: 
Paseo/Ride! Ride! Ride! 
Alternate Take: 
Angelito Mío/You Little Angel, You
A La Linea/Get On The Line 
(Barry, San Quentín)
- Archie, vocals

Side Two
Love Of The Common People (Hurley, Wilkins) 
- The Archies, chorus
Jacky Daniels And You (Greenfield, Sedaka) 
- Betty, vocals
Speedy Gonzales (Hess, Kaye, Lee)
Reggie + Olga San Quentin, duet vocals
Unreleased 3rd Version: 
Good Deal, Lucille (Miller, Theriot) - Reggie, vocals
I Fought The Law (Sonny Curtis) - Jughead, vocals
LP Version: 
Jet Airliner (Paul Peña) - Trevor, vocals
Walk A Mile In My Shoes (Joe South) - Betty, vocals

In 2009, we staked a fresh claim in Country music territory.  Return To Archie Country! bagged us another Platinum album and a Top Ten Country single with "Jacky Daniels And You." Betty's lead vocals were just unbelievable on that one! Next, we celebrated the song catalog of Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, another great songwriting team.  Hits Of The Sixties just missed topping Billboard's Pop Albums chart; that motherf*cker sold faster than p*ssy at a political convention!  With two more back-to-back Platinum award-winners, The Archies earned the right to be called superstars.

Side One
Glitter And Gold (Mann, Weil)
- Archie + Trevor, duet vocals
Chico's Girl (Mann, Weil) - Veronica, vocals
Looking Thru The Eyes Of Love (Mann, Weil) 
- Reggie, vocals
Looking At Tomorrow (Mann, Weil) - Trevor, vocals
Kicks (Mann, Weil) - Trevor, vocals
That's The Boy (Mann, Weil) - Betty, vocals
LP Version: 
Love Her! (Mann, Weil) - Jughead, vocals

Side Two
Jump Back, Honey! (Hadda Brooks) - Kevin, vocals
San Francisco (Flowers In Your Hair) (John Phillips)
- Kevin, vocals
Demo Version:
The Grass Will Sing For You (Bruno, Millrose) 
- Archie, vocals*
Strangers Tomorrow (Van McCoy) - Kevin, vocals*
Girl! (D'Aleo, Milano) - Kevin, vocals*
Come Dance With Me (Powers, Maurer) 
- Jughead, vocals*
When It's All Over (Levenson, Robinson) - Kevin, vocals*
Extended Version: 
Say Goodbye To Riverdale (Billy Joel)*
- Kevin + Toni, duet vocals
*licensed from Discos Fuentes

In 2013, Veronica took over as producer, and Reggie took a leave of absence.  This time, he didn't return; dude scored big-time as a Tejano singer, first in a duet act with Olga San Quentìn, and next as a solo star.  He changed his name to Gino el Huapanguero, but I never stopped calling him Reg . . . like, "I knew you when," dig?  Kevin Keller subbed on our next album. We wanted to break new musical ground and not rest on our laurels; that's why The Archies made a stylistic left turn and cut a collection of vintage Jazz and Blues.  Jump Back, Honey! was a commercial flop, but critics loved it right off the bat.  We got respect from hard-bitten Jazz veterans, too.  I still love that LP, and I'm proud that it was the final Archies album released on my label; we went out on an artistic high note. 

 When Veronica, Alan and I sold Archie Records in 2014, corporate raider Jason Blossom took over.  His involvement caused a lot of bad feeling, and in retrospect, I should've anticipated that.  Jason didn't exactly endear himself to people; Donald Trump had nothing on that dude!  Consequently, The Archies decided to go on hiatus. We didn't record again for fifteen years; but after regrouping for the second time, we roared up the charts with a remake of "San Francisco (Flowers In Your Hair)". Ralfi Chingas returned to produce our second #1 smash, which we recorded to benefit the 2029 terrorist victims.  Kevin Keller sang lead vocals, and I finally convinced him to join the band.  It didn't take long for our fans to accept Kelly; he'd been with us in the studio most of the time, anyway!  Dude sounded awesome on our farewell album, The Grass Will Sing For You, which went Double-Platinum in 2032.

We hadn't planned on a farewell tour, but the album sold so well we were obliged to book one.  Neither Trevor nor Gino could go on the road with us, though, and by then we were used to having six touring members.  Jug asked his wife Toni Topaz to join us, and she was a perfect fit: The crowds loved her to death!  That sold-out world tour was an unforgettable experience for everybody; what a great way to cap off The Archies legend!

Side One
Demo: Cherry, Cherry (Neil Diamond) - Jughead, vocals
Demo: You Got To Me (Neil Diamond) - Jughead, vocals
Demo: Someday, Baby (Neil Diamond) - Jughead, vocals
Believe What You Say! (Dorsey + Johnny Burnette) 
- Archie, vocals
Rocket In My Pocket (Logsdon, McAlpin) - Archie, vocals
Five O'Clock World (Allen Reynolds) - Archie, vocals
Karate/Monkey (Jackson, Virtuoso) - Veronica, vocals
What Are You Sellin' Today? (Adams, Barkan)
- Archie + Veronica, duet vocals
Last-Minute Miracle (Harris, Kerr) - Betty, vocals

Side Two
Walk With A Winner (Colley, Jones, Mannering)
- Jughead, vocals
Lovely Lindsay (Kimberly Rew)
- Veronica + Betty, duet vocals
I Can Love You! (Jeff Barry) - Archie, vocals
Bend Me, Shape Me (English, Weiss) - Archie, vocals
Bring A Little Lovin' (Vanda, Young) - Reggie, vocals
House Of Gold (Barkan, Phillips) - Betty, vocals
Hey, Mom! Hey, Pop! (Dante, Rossi) 
- Ron Dante, guest vocals
Tell Me, What Can I Do? (Poliakoff, Pomus, Shuman) 
- Reggie, vocals
Bobby, Don't Leave Me Alone Tonight! (Jeff Barry)
- Jughead, vocals


Side One
Jim Doris Medley:
Oh, Me, Oh, My/After All (I Live My Life)
(Jim Doris)
- Veronica, vocals
Give And Take A Hand (Barry, Maurice + Robin Gibb) 
- Betty, duet vocals
Candida (Levine, Wine) - Jughead, vocals
She Shot A Hole In My Soul! (Gayden, Neese) - Archie, vocals
Connaissez/Made In Paris (Bacharach, David, Spellman)
- Jughead, vocals
I've Got To Find Me A Woman (Barry, Kim) - Trevor, vocals
Latin Rock Medley:
A Little Bit Of Soap/Mustang Sally/Sugar, Sugar en Español
(Bert Berns)/(Sir Mack Rice)/(Barry, Kim, Milstein)
- Archie, Jughead + Reggie, chorus
Just Like Romeo And Juliet (Gormann, Hamilton) - Kevin, vocals*

Side Two
If We Both Hold On (Barry, Wine) Betty, vocals*
I'm Into Lookin' For Someone To Love Me (Bayer-Sager, Wine)
Reggie, vocals
Voodoo Doll (Barry, Freeman, Nehls) - Kevin, vocals*
from Radio Luxembourg's "Midnight Voodoo"
I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight? (Boyce, Hart) - Trevor, vocals*
Town Of Lonely Hearts (Baum, Giant, Kaye) - Reggie, vocals*
MTV Unplugged Version:
Mother And Child Reunion (Paul Simon) - Toni, vocals**
from the MTV special "Archie Unplugged"
Whole World Shakin' (Sam Cooke) - Trevor, vocals*
What I Like About You! (Marinos, Palmar, Skill) - Kevin, vocals
T-Birds (Harrison, Harry) - Betty, vocals***
from the Chank/Grosvenor film Philadelphia Freedom
*licensed from Discos Fuentes
**courtesy of Philips Media
***licensed from WEA International

Here's a selection of rarities taken from all periods of our four-decades-long career. Highlights include "Cherry, Cherry", a cut from our 1988 demo tape; "Last-Minute Miracle", a stunning outtake from Stoned Love, the album Don Kirshner refused to release; "Walk With A Winner", our very first song produced by Ralfi Chingas; "House Of Gold", the product of an El Paso record date produced by Dilton Doiley Briseño; "Candida, a cancelled single from our Éxitos en Español sessions; a live recording of our 2021 Latin Rock Hall of Fame induction performance; "Voodoo Doll", a radio theme song recorded in Germany; Toni Topaz singing lead on our "MTV Unplugged" special; and Betty Cooper singing her ass off on "T-Birds", from the soundtrack of the indie film Philadelphia Freedom.  I enjoyed recording movie music so much (you may remember the flick I starred in and scored on my own, Black Belt Smackdown), it's a shame The Archies didn't do more film work.  

KIC Image
The Archies:
Archer St. Christopher "Archie" Andrews
Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Cooper
Forsythe Jerome "Juggy" Jones III
Kevin Luther "Kelly" Keller
Veronica Yvette "Roni" Lodge-Andrews
Reginald Whitney "Gino" Mantle III
Trevor Hampton "Trev" Smith
"Toni" Topaz Antoinette Braithwaite

Reality Check, Take One: 
Singing voices for The Archies on their 1968-72 recordings
were provided by Ron Dante, Jeff Barry, Toni Wine, Donna Marie, Susan Morse, 
Leslie Miller, Merle Miller, Maeretha Stewart and Bobby Bloom.


Analog-to-Digital Producers:
Ralfi Chingas

Ritchie Adams
Jeff Barry
Dilton Doiley Briseño
Ron Dante
Jean-Emanuel de Luxe
Max Manischevitz
Alan Mayberry
Laura Pinto
"Spanish" Eddie Roxchild
Trevor Smith
Bree Spellman
The Archies
Reality Check, Take Two: 
To date, Jeff Barry, Ritchie Adams, Neil Brian Goldberg, Ron Dante 
and Jackie Mills are the only producers who have worked with The Archies.

KIC Image 2

Abbey Road Studios, London
Ardent Studios, Memphis
ASS (Archie Sound Studios), Mamaroneck
The Bungalow, Nassau
The Capitol Tower, Hollywood
Chapel Of Rock, Santa Barbara
Hansa Studios, Berlin
Ocean Way Studios, Hollywood
Rancho Chingas, Bayamón
The Ryman Auditorium, Nashville
The Sound Factory, Hollywood
Spanish Eddie's Bar + Grill, New Orleans
Larrabee Sound, Hollywood
Sun Studios, Memphis
Trident Studios, London
Witch Queen Studios, Boston

Chief Engineer: Alan Mayberry
Reality Check, Take Three: 
The real Archies were East Coast-based.  They recorded in New York City at RCA Studios, 
The Hit Factory, Sound Ideas Studios and A & R Recording.  The main engineers were 

Fred "Paco" Weinberg, Mike Moran, Vincent Leary and Elliot Scheiner.


Thanks to . . .

Don Kirshner, who discovered, groomed and shepherded us onto the Pop music charts; Jeff Barry, executive producer of our Archie Country! collections, who wrote and produced most of our early hits, and whose catalog of Rock 'n' Roll standards gave us our Jeff + Ellie Songbook; Mick Jagger, without whose patronage our smash hit Like A Rolling Stone album would never have happened; Ron Dante, who wrote the fantastic songs we recorded for our Get It On Today! LP, and who produced my two favorite Archies records: Archie's Christmas Album and Stoned Love; Carole King, who single-handedly revamped our vocal presentation and set the stage for our comeback success; Ralfi Chingas, the key element in The Archies' career revival, a f*cking musical genius in the studio and the best damn Tex-Mex cook this side of the Rio Grande; "Spanish" Eddie Roxchild, Ralfi's better half, owner of the late, great Spanish Eddie's Bar + Grill, and our favorite remix engineer; Dilton Doiley Briseño (whose daughter is Pop Diva Garcy Briseño), the Emperor of Geek, who helmed our phenomenally successful Éxitos en Español project and made The Archies' induction into the Latin Rock Hall of Fame an unqualified triumph; Barry Mann + Cynthia Weil, who invited us to plumb their excellent song catalog for our Hits Of The Sixties album (Veronica's favorite); Laura Pinto, who made recording movie soundtrack music as fun as it was challenging; Justin Strickland, who brought new dimensions to our sound with his musical arrangements for Jump Back, Honey! and The Grass Will Sing For You; Jonniemae Trouten, who along with her dog Nero was an essential element in our later recordings;Timothy Garland, vocal coach extraordinaire, who kept my singing voice viable long after it would otherwise have bit the dust; Mal Hypster (Tim's son), famous TV personality and New Archies member who keeps trying to convince me I started a Rock 'n' Roll revolution; Raj + Amisha Patel, for producing and directing our concert film and sparking much craziness on our world tour; Bree Spellman, who didn't let us down when Roni and I asked her to put a new Archies band together; Jason Blossom, whose purchase of my record label made Riverdale Music Academy possible; Mike Pellerito, who held down the business end so I could concentrate on bustin' my nut creatively; all of our great roadies, especially Kix Panunzio, who became our road manager; Big Nipsy Freund, our "mobbed up" manager, who always had our backs; Marcy Katzenbaum, my "cousin-in-law", who held up the legal end come thick or thin; Alan Mayberry, business partner, bosom buddy and audio wizard, who never let The Archies sound less than f*cking awesome on vinyl; Waldo Weatherbee, Terry "Pop" Tate + Geraldine Grundy, our biggest hometown boosters; and Mary + Fred Andrews (Mom + Dad), for believing and understanding.

Special thanks from Archie to . . .

My fabulous band mates 
Betty Cooper, Juggy Jones, Kelly Keller, 
Gino Mantle, Trev Smith and Toni Topaz: 
We were family, we were the best, and we are forever!!!

The New Archies: 
Garcy Briseño, Donna Dante, Frankie Fujiyama, Mal Hypster, Toby Maxx, Rikki Ninja, Lana Suzuki and Ramsay Khalid Sharma. You were nobody's spin-off band, that's for damn sure! The music you made never failed to astound me.

Dr. Hermione Andrews:
My wonderful daughter, of whom I am fiercely proud! Maya, you are my hero.

My beloved wife, the mother of my child, my business partner, lover, friend, counselor, nurse, cheerleader, source of abundant laughter, inspiration and musical magic (as well as other kinds) . . . honey, you made me a man, and a very happy one. My memories of you are precious, but they aren't nearly enough. I miss you so much!

Hepzibah Baumgartner:
My new love, the producer of this amazing retrospective, and the keeper of my unspoken dreams.

"Pour a little sugar on it!"
Archie Andrews
September 2073


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